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A majority of net traffic is program generated through you are not a big fan of outsourcing SEO services, the chances are you have got in all chance understood the advantages increased from it. Currently, you want to be searching for skilled SEO services provider that shows leads to assured timeframe. Parallel Technologies is Digital Marketing Agency in Multan which offers SEO services resulting in high program rankings for Google, Yahoo and MSN, for a group of strategically outlined keywords, PPC Services and Social Media Marketing Services. Parallel Technologies is also Sofware Company in Multan, which offers Web Design and Development Services. As an inquiry engine optimization firm, we have got the domain information, experience and every one the solutions to form your website a lot of visible on the net that helps in maximizing the sales and lead generation for your website. Our skilled SEO services express the entire field of website SEO services together with web site analysis, on-page optimization, off-page optimization. We have a type to apply moral and organic SEO techniques to drive a lot of and higher traffic to your website. Outsource SEO services to boost your web site ranking and boost your traffic on search engines.
Parallel Digital Marketing Agency in Multan, which is offering some major services like:
1. SEO Services
2. PPC Services
3. Social Media Marketing Services
4. Web Designing Services
5. Web Development Services
1. SEO Services
We are providing for the following SEO services in Multan like: Keyword Research, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO or Link Building
a) Keyword Research
Keyword research is one of three significant SEO factors alongside third party referencing and content showcasing. This SEO Keyword Research assists you with demonstrating the Low Competitive, High-Converting, and Best CPC keywords.
We are providing you winnable SEO keyword research list and some of other key features of keyword research are given below:
⦁ Upto 100 or 200 or 500 or more longtail keywords but keywords may be more or less depends on your niche
⦁ We provide you keywords with low competition, search volume of each keyword with high CPC, excellent keywords which can rank on Google easily and strongest keywords for global campaign and local business
⦁ The report will be provided you in excel file format
We are providing you youtube keyword research and competitor analysis. And some other key features of youtube keywords research are:
⦁ High search volume with low competition keywords
⦁ In depth competitor analysis, different techniques, subscribers and views
⦁ Provide title for every video which will be search engine optimized
⦁ Provide long tail keywords and meta tags for new channels and apply different methods for growing your channel step by step
b) On-Page SEO
We are providing for the following on-page seo services in Multan like:
⦁ Optimization of content and images
⦁ The setting of Header, meta title , meta tags, meta description and speed optimization of website
⦁ Google search console and analytics
⦁ Sitemap and Robots.txt submission, fix readability score and SSL addtion
⦁ Settings of permalinks, internal linking of pages and fix broken links
c) Off-Page SEO/Link Building
We are providing for the following off-page or link building seo services
in Multan like:
⦁ Backlinks of targeted keywords
⦁ Making profile links on social
⦁ Removal of bad backlinks
⦁ Different search engines submission
⦁ Audio, Video and image backlinks
⦁ Web 2.0, directory, article submission Backlinks
⦁ Guest post outreach and blog commenting
⦁ Social bookmarking backlinks
2. PPC Services
Digital Marketing Agency in Multan which is providing two types of PPC services like: PPC campaign setup and Amazon PPC ads administration.
a) PPC Campaign Setup
⦁ Setup and Manage your Google adwords PPC campaign
⦁ Keyword research which is based on search size, competition, importance and optimization
⦁ Excellent ad copy
⦁ Boost ads with ad extention
⦁ Gadget optimization
⦁ Give report in professional PDF form
⦁ Campaign technique planning
⦁ Complete Google ads accounts administration and optimization
⦁ Tracking down comparative items to focus for promotions
b) Amazon PPC ads administration
⦁ Give ads report about sales, profit and spends
⦁ To made target technique setup for salessss
⦁ Analysis of report and made setup for new campaign
⦁ To made scale up campaign to increase sales
3. Social Media Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Agency in Multan, which is providing Social Media Marketing services for the following platform like: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Youtube and Twitter and Key features of our services are:
⦁ Real design and Pro Social Media Posts
⦁ To manage of all your profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Youtube and LinkedIn
⦁ To research the good hashtags for your relevant niche, which will be used in the captions of your posts
⦁ Use real technique for your products
⦁ To made professional report and give you in PDF format
⦁ I will create real theme and network that is personalized for your brand. All the posts will be scalded with your logo and I will be use only copyright free and high quality images from trusted sources.
4. Website Designing Services
Software Company in Multan, which is providing for the following website designing services like:
⦁ Blog or Personal website user interface and social media integration
⦁ News and Magazine website user interface
⦁ Professional business web pages, E-commerce landing pages, Contact Form and Security Form (Register and Login)
⦁ Custom portfolio designing
⦁ Photography website UI
⦁ Health, fitness, medical, law and wedding website UI
⦁ Education, Children care, Real Estate and Entertainment website UI
⦁ To made user interface design for School, College and Hospital Management system and much more
⦁ Secure and user friendly admin panel
⦁ Design of all websites will be responsive
5. Website Development Services
Software Company in Multan, which is providing for the following website development services like:
⦁ Website customization
⦁ Complete website development with uploading and configuring to your domain and hosting
⦁ PHP Development
Webpage speed optimization
⦁ Integrate payment gateway method in your website
⦁ API integration in your website (Maps, Live Chat, Mail Chimp, Mailing list etc)
⦁ Database Development
⦁ Develop highly and professional website through WordPress with preminum plugins and themes

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