What you need to know about glasses

  1. Luminosity change

During development, it is easy to deepen the degree of vision if you do not pay attention to it. Parents emphasize that they should be changed frequently, so the frame can be used for a long time. If the degree increases, only the lens can be changed. Glasses with good materials are recommended. Those with good eye habits and adults who are not easy to change can have a stable degree, better materials, more durable, and more attention to maintenance. Recommended glasses.

2. Wearing condition

Often wear is mainly comfortable and durable, and is mainly promoted from the advantages of weight and firmness (myopia is more than 300 degrees, which affects both distance and near vision. Wearing glasses for hyperopia can reduce the burden of eye adjustment, wearing glasses for amblyopia ensures normal eye development, and wearing glasses for astigmatism is avoided. Use adjustment to remove dispersion, and those with anisometropia are required to wear it often.) Occasional wear is mainly recommended for the advantages of small deformation, easy adaptation, anti-radiation, anti-reflection, and safer driving at night. It has no effect, so it is necessary to wear it just to see far away. If you cannot see clearly, you must wear it. Otherwise, squinting or adjusting your eyes to see objects will make your eyes more tired, and the degree of eye fatigue will easily increase)

3 style orientation

Be sure to understand the style that customers want to go, and be more youthful (indicating that the style has a sense of design, has a unique personality, looks fashionable and young, with warm colors red, white, green, yellow, pink, purple and blue as the main colors) and more stable (simple style, classic style) , looks generous, with cool tones brown, black, gold, silver and gray as the main color, and customers with dull skin can recommend warm tones to brighten skin tone)

4. Career Considerations

Every industry and every position has a special temperament. Glasses are the props that can help you shape the image of your workplace according to your working environment. Wearing different glasses is a different style of you. The working environment is mainly office, which generally needs to be neat and tidy, and the frame shape can recommend home remedies. It belongs to the service industry, and soft lines are recommended for the frame shape. It belongs to the fashion industry, and the framework recommends a strong sense of design.

5. Beautiful angle

For customers with high number of degrees and high astigmatism, it is best to choose lenses with high refractive index (the same luminosity, thinner lenses, the price of a gradient may double, because manufacturing high refractive index lenses is the most difficult technology for optical companies)

6. Solid performance

Children’s glasses can emphasize the choice of frames with good firm performance and not easy to break. The welding technology of pure titanium frame has high requirements. It must be welded at a high temperature of more than 2800 degrees. The melting point is high, and a circle can be seen at the nose pad. The nose at the welding place is stronger than the alloy frame. It is more solid, but if you maintain it yourself, it will last a long time, and everything needs to be maintained.

Second, the lens knowledge that must be understood

1. Negative spherical mirror Negative spherical mirror

It is used to correct the vision of myopia. Myopia is the transparent body in the eye that the light passes through the refractive medium of the eye-the cornea, aqueous humor, lens, vitreous, and its focus falls in front of the retina, which has a strong ability to refract light. The concave lens reduces the refractive power of the eye, so that the focal point is focused on the retina and a clear object image is formed. The center of the negative spherical lens is thin, and the thicker it goes to the edge. The frame size should be close to the actual interpupillary distance of the wearer. Viewed from a 45-degree angle, the edge is like the bottom of a wine bottle, the higher the degree, the more aperture, and the obvious luminosity

2. Positive spherical mirror Positive spherical mirror

It is used to correct hyperopia and presbyopia. Hyperopia is a refractive medium through which light passes through the eye, and its focus falls behind the retina. On the retina, clear images of objects are transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve. The center of the positive spherical lens is thicker, and the thinner it goes to the edge, try to choose a small frame, otherwise the mirror will be very heavy. In addition, if the degree is low, avoid choosing a half frame

3. Sphero-cylindrical lens Sphero-cylindrical lens

It is used to correct astigmatism. Astigmatism is divided into 180-degree directions of the eyeball. One direction has a different ability to refract light than other directions, so it is not a focal point formed on the eye, which will cause the clear object image to have a dispersion phenomenon. , Low-degree astigmatism is often used to adjust eyes fatigue, high astigmatism will affect vision.

The spherical lens has the same degree of power in each direction and the optical center of the lens. The spherical cylinder lens is based on the spherical lens and adds a cylindrical lens, and in a specific direction, the corresponding amount of cylindrical lens is added. Generally, it is not recommended. For rimless frames, it is best to choose a full frame. It is recommended that the lens has a small degree of deformation, is close to the real object, and is easy for the eyes to adapt to.

4. Lens coating

The coating layers of the lenses are classified from low to high: anti-glare — anti-radiation — high definition — super hard and hard — easy to clean film.

Except for the Yijie film, which is yellow-green, the others are green. Others have blue film, purple film, and yellow film, which are not as good as green film lenses. Imported lenses only have green film and yellow-green film.


Reduces stray light caused by sunlight and lighting, with color contrast close to real objects

Radiation protection

Avoid the damage to the eyes caused by the radiation generated by electronic products in daily life

high definition

Lenses of the same degree have higher brightness and better clarity, and the eyes are not affected

super tough

The hardness is three times stronger than that of ordinary lenses, which is determined by the wear ratio generated by the friction test between sand and two types of lenses.

5. Functional mirror

Teen Progressive

Suitable for students to wear, no need to wear glasses for low myopia to see near, too frequent changes in class will cause adjustment disorder, so the design of this lens near vision area is lower than that of far vision area, according to various brands, There are different fixed downlights (usually +1.25D or +1.50D). If you sit upright and look into the distance through the far area, the near posture remains the same, the eyeballs turn downward to see the near, and you can see the near through the near area. The effect of degree growth rate.

progressive multifocal

It is most suitable for middle-aged and elderly people who have problems seeing far and near, or who think it is troublesome to pick up reading glasses. It is the same as the gradual use method of teenagers. The lens is divided into distance area, near area, aberration area, and gradient area. The luminosity can be customized. If you don’t know how to use it at the beginning, you will be uncomfortable. If you understand the wearing method, change the common habit of looking at the near distance. It will be very convenient after you get used to it. It usually takes 7-10 days. , mainly indoors and then outdoors.

The height of the progressive frame is generally not less than 28mm, and the center shift is generally not more than 3mm. Try to choose a frame that is close to the customer’s interpupillary distance. The expensive progressive classification generally includes: aberration zone reduction design, less frame height requirements, optional small frame.

chromatic mirror

The interior is transparent and the color of the sunglasses will be darker or lighter when going out. The sun is strong and the color of the sunglasses can be changed. Men generally choose gray and brown. Women generally choose purple and brown. Generally, it only takes a few seconds for the color change sheet to change color, and it takes a few minutes for the color change back. Transitions is the best color changing technology in the world, with fast color change and uniform effect.


The horizontal design is adopted, only allowing the light to pass through in one direction, and with the blinds, it greatly reduces the scattered light of sunlight and lighting. Especially for reflected light, the glare of scattered light brings discomfort to the eyes, making the light soft and objects clear. Suitable for driving, fishing, outdoor.

Night Vision Goggles

The use of yellow lenses increases the brightness at night, reduces the dazzling light emitted by oncoming headlights, and makes driving at night safer.

Third, the knowledge of frames that must be understood

1. Injection frame

Made of plastic, it is not resistant to high temperature. Once the glasses are deformed, they cannot be adjusted, and they will wrinkle when heated. They are generally used as decorative mirrors.

Pros: Affordable

Disadvantage: Can not be used as a material for corrective refractive glasses

2. Plate rack

It is made of mixed plastic and other materials. It can be heated. The material is hard. It is easy to crack without heating and adjustment. Especially in the low temperature season, the material is more hard and brittle.

Advantages: relatively good firmness

Disadvantages: Due to the hard material, metal must be added inside to make adjustments, and the overall weight is heavy

3. TR90

The introduction of Korean material selection and frame making technology, the specific material is unknown. However, the frame made of it is the best-selling material frame in this type of frame due to its lightness and flexibility.

Advantages: light weight, good restoration performance, no serious problems with occasional crushing, not easy to deform, brighter color than plate racks

Disadvantages: too light and insecure, the surface will fall off after being affected by high temperature

4. Alloy frame

A variety of metals are mixed, usually copper, nickel, aluminum, Monel, etc. A variety of shapes can be designed to show different styles (fashion, mature, steady, elegant, delicate, gentle…)

Advantages: a variety of styles, a variety of styles, a variety of prices can be freely chosen

Disadvantages: Contains a variety of metals. If you are allergic to one of the metals, the skin of the temples will be red and itchy.

5. Titanium frame

It belongs to the more expensive material in metal materials. Due to its light texture, good corrosion resistance, strong skin test and skin affinity, few people are allergic, high welding technology requirements, and firmer welding points of finished products, it is the preferred material for high-end glasses frames of brand glasses production companies.

Most of the titanium frame styles are simple and classic, giving people a sense of generosity. The frame is light and suitable for long-term wear, especially for children whose nose bridge is still developing, there is no pressure. Good corrosion resistance, not easy to be corroded by alkaline perspiration, causing the color plating layer to fall off.

6. Pure titanium

It means that the titanium material is more than 98%, which has all the advantages of titanium material, but it is difficult to weld, and once it breaks, it needs to be sent to the factory for repair.

Beta titanium means that the titanium frame has the advantages of light weight and very good toughness.

Titanium alloy refers to a mixture of titanium and other metals. Titanium has the majority of components and has the advantage of being light, but it has no corrosion resistance and is relatively affordable.

7. Luxury Materials

There are tortoiseshell, gold-plated, diamond and so on.

They are generally selected by the world’s top brands, and the material selection of the frame is extremely harsh. The material selection will be comprehensively considered through tests such as heating, impact, gravity, friction, and gloss reference.

Generally, a pair of glasses has at least one hundred processes, and each process is nitpicking. The brand frames all cover the brand’s design concept and the designer’s unique style, which are unique and scarce.

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